Your Ed Shinn Design+Build expert will meet with you for a Free Brand Décor® Evaluation. Based on your story, challenge and ideas, our Designer will weigh your goals with your customer needs, red tape, product and budget limits to create a rough sketch of what your new Brand Décor® could look like. With this sketch and going rates, you’ll get a rough project estimate and a free copy of our sketch.

The design team at Ed Shinn Design is multi-disciplined in Art, Architecture and Experiential Graphic Design (XGD). We understand how to create compelling messages that attract, engage, inform, direct and inspire the viewer.

At Ed Shinn Design, all of your Signs & Graphics will be Made in America in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our dedicated craftspeople know how to fabricate powerful Signs & Graphics that will help you reach new customers.
At Ed Shinn Design, all of your Signs & Graphics are Made in America in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our talented craftspeople use the best materials, technology and know how to manufacture powerful Signs & Graphics to help you attract more customers.
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Ed Shinn Design will manage your project from start to finish. Our project management team meets project milestones, work within your budget and be responsive to your needs. For any project size or type.

Ed Shinn Designs’ licensed professional crew installs local, state and national Sign and Graphic campaigns. Our work complies with all of the local and state code requirements, ensuring that your job is installed right the first time.

Ed Shinn Design will maintain your sign, lighting and Brand Décor® features. When clean and working they can attract customers and instill a sense of security. With our scheduled maintenance program we can conduct day/night site reviews to identify any issues and make repairs if needed.